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October 14, 2012 / sweetestidleness

Dietetic Fest

Diet is not the reason to refuse from eating tasty food and organizing parties with different dainties. You should just choose low-cal products for your dishes – it will help you to receive gastronomic satisfaction without any damage for your waist. Strange as it may sound, but you still can enjoy tasty food even when being on diet. Begin your dietetic experience with these simple low-cal recipes.

To prepare salad with shrimps, carrot and fresh cucumbers you will need shrimps, of course (about 300gr.), two cucumbers, one carrot, 70 gr. of salad, two spoons of apple and lemon juice, one spoon of soy sauce, three spoons of olive oil.

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October 11, 2012 / sweetestidleness

‘The Woman in Black’

The belief in supernatural phenomena is a a double-edged weapon. On the one hand every person who supposes there is a place for supernatural in our life is made to accept each event of his life as the providence of punishment, in some other cases as the influence of the unknown power. Moreover he is ready to face the possible misfortunes and prepare the unbelievable explanations for them.

Those who don’t believe in miraculous powers have nothing but breaking their heads and stick to logical approach to every moment in their life. But the logic is not the basic law of the universe. The blind faith and the principal denial are the two frightening extremes. The superstitious beliefs give birth of fear and the fear is typical of everyone no matter if he is a religious fanatic or reasonable scientist.

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October 9, 2012 / sweetestidleness

Best Cheesecakes Recipes

I am not a great fan of desserts as I find most of them lusciously sweet. But cheesecakes… Cheesecakes seem to melt in your mouth; their tender taste is one of the greatest gastronomic pleasures for me. I even learned to cook them myself and found that it is not a very difficult task to perform.

To prepare a cherry cheesecake you will need 50 gr. of butter, two spoons of sugar, one pinch of salt, one egg, 100 gr. of flour, 5 spoons of milk. To make cream you should take three eggs, 250 gr. of cottage cheese, 50 gr. of cream, 75 gr. of sour cream, 50 gr of sugar, two spoons of farina, one lemon, 425 gr. of cherries and 100 gr. of red wine.

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October 6, 2012 / sweetestidleness

The Greatest Villains of Video Games

The reasons why we play video games can be different. Some of us like technical aspects such as graphics and special effects, some are fans of entangled plots and mysteries they have to solve, the others just want to escape from the world of everyday routine or kill time and relax. I accept all these reasons, but for me one of the most important features of a good video game is the presence of a charismatic villain in it, because what can be more pleasant than fighting with a worth opponent and defeating him at last! Here is the list of the greatest evil characters in the world of gaming, in my opinion.

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October 3, 2012 / sweetestidleness

How to Make Your Cat Stop Scratching

From the cat’s opinion of views scratching its owners and the furniture is quite natural and there is nothing to be shy about. From the cat owner’s point of view scratching is a bad habit and it would be sensible to get rid of it. It is an interesting fact that a cat doesn’t extend its claws without any reason but that is not necessarily connected with its aggressive personality.

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September 30, 2012 / sweetestidleness

Complicated Relationships Between Gaming Industry And Women

It seems like gaming industry keeps ignoring women, both in games and outside the cyberspace. We remember the buzz over the new trailers for ‘Hitman’ and ‘Tomb Rider’: first one showed us the nuns dressed in latex suits; the second one shocks the viewer with the scene of Lara Croft’s being a survivor of a rape. Okay, the buzz over the first one is quite understandable and isn’t all about respect for women. But c’mon, what’s wrong with ‘Tomb Rider’? I mean, Lara definitely has complicated relationships with men, and such a turn in the plot perfectly explains this fact. Besides, many movie directors used this trick, so I just don’t understand why the community became so condemnatory about Lara’s destiny.

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September 26, 2012 / sweetestidleness


GusGus is supposed to be the best Icelandic band of 2011. In fact there were many interesting events concerning Icelandic music in 2011. Some of them were interesting only for locals and for some reason are unknown for foreigners. For example, HAM and Mugison got cult status in Iceland and became actual cult icons in the country. Unfortunately these bands are not so popular abroad. Anyway many Icelandic groups became popular in Europe and America. Among them are Of Monsters and Men, Agent Fresco. As for the well known performers then Bjork released a new album in 2011.

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