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March 7, 2013 / sweetestidleness

Pot-roast: Healthy and Tasty

It is possible that every housekeeper has the nice pots in her kitchen. They are commonly made of clay, polished with shiny lacquer or heat-proof paint. They may be either pain or richly decorated. But the idea of these utensils is one and the same: cooking food.

These pots are the best containers for baking, smothering and roasting. The technology of cooking in these pots is extremely simple. All you need is to wash your products, peel them, cut them into small pieces put them into your pot and put all this stuff into your oven. The most part of the dishes cooked in the clay pots combine soup and trimming. Moreover the pot provides the unlimited freedom for the cooker's imagination as practically all the food products can be boiled or roasted in a pot.

The important thing is the fact that the food cooked in a pot requires less fat or oil to be cooked as the products get soaked with their own fluids. In that way the food cooked in a pot is much more healthier than the one cooked on a frying pan. You also will spare a minute or two of your personal time as there is no need to wash the bowls and plates which are commonly used in the process of cooking food. Pots look nice and may be used in the table layout. Your guests and family members will be happy to eat their meals right out of their pots instead of using cloying plates. The thick walls of pots keep the heat greatly and you won't need to warm to food if somebody is late for your dinner.

There are two main principles for cooking food in the clay pots. If you want to cook the second course apply a very thin layer of vegetable oil onto the inner surface of the pot. If you feel like cooking soup add some boiled water to the pot to make a perfect low-fat vegetable broth. If you use fresh and juicy products there is no need to add oil or water at all.

The most simple basic recipe of chicken and potato pot-roast can be possible to be used even if you don't have complicated multi-functional appliances. All you need is some chicken filet, two big potatoes, one small onion, two pinkings of garlic, two tablespoonfuls of tomato paste and sour cream. Everything you need is to wash, cut and put all the products in your pot. Put it into the hot oven and in less than 40 minutes you will get the nice, delicious and healthy meal.


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