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November 16, 2012 / sweetestidleness

Friends – TV show

“Friends” is my favorite show of all time. I swear, I watched it five times, I remember the name of every episode and I remember some scenes by heart. Of course most of us have seen this show. I remember watching it as a kid, but I watched the whole thing for the first time only when I was 22. I believe it is truly amazing how the creators of the show made it so funny and not at all tacky.

And I just thought I would write a little summary for those of you who want to re-watch some parts / seasons of “Friends”.


In the first season we meet all the characters: five of them are already in a “group”: Chandler, Monica, Phoebe, Ross and Jo. Rachel joins their group only after she leaves her groom at the alter and storms into the Coffee House “Central Perk” to see her school friend Monica and her brother Ross. This is when she meets other guys and their amazing friendship begins. Rosses high school feelings towards Rachel come back.


Rachel starts feeling the same way towards Ross, but he already dates other girl (Julie) and his lesbian ex-wife is pregnant with his baby (we find that out in the 1st season). Ross leaves Julie for Rachel. Monica starts dating a man who is 21 year older than her (her father’s friend – Richard). They broke up because Richard believes it is too late for him to have another kid with Monica.


Ross and Rachel brake up. Phoebe finds out her mother wasn’t her birth mother, she looks up her biological mother and bonds with her.


Chandler steals a girl from Jo. Phoebe has triplets for her brother and his wife, Ross meets a British girl and decides to marry her in only 6 weeks. Rachel doesn’t take it very well and flies to London to tell Ross she loves him, but when she sees how happy he is, he changes her mind about telling him how she feels. Ross calls his bride ‘Rachel’ at the altar. Chandler sleeps with Monica.


Rosses marriage falls apart, Chandler and Monica get caught after 5 months of keeping their relationship a secret. Ross and Rachel get drunk and married in Vegas.


Chandler and Monica move in together, in the last episode of the season Chandler proposes. Ross and Rachel get divorced.


Jo and Rachel live together, by the end of the season Chandler and Monica get married and Rachel gets pregnant.


We find out that the father of Rachel’s baby is Ross. Rachel refuses to marry him, but she has the baby. Jo falls in love with Rachel, but she doesn’t feel the same way. Rachel moves in with Ross, because he wants to be there for her during her pregnancy


Rachel and Ross have a fight and she moves out. Chandler and Monica find out they can’t have children. They decide to adopt. Rachel falls in love with Jo. Phoebe meets the love of her life – Mike, but he doesn’t want to marry.


Mike comes back to Phoebe and proposes, they get married outside in the snow. Jo and Rachel do not go all the way because their friendship is too strong. A pregnant girl from Ohio picks Monica and Chandler to be parents of her baby. She has twins: a boy and a girl. They buy a house in suburbs and move out by the end of the season. Rachel gets a job in Paris, Ross catches her up at the airport and tells her he loves her, but she gets on the plane anyway. Although a few minutes later she gets off, comes back and tells Ross she loves him back.

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