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November 8, 2012 / sweetestidleness

The Healing Power of Art

Art therapy is a method of psycho therapy which is based on the creative potential of a person. It is not necessary in the process of treatment to paint, sculpt or compose something. Therapeutic effect can be achieved through perception as well. When you look at the works of art, you can find the resemblance with your own situation and recognize your own feelings and sufferings.

To achieve result with the help of art therapy you should express yourself creatively by any means you like – painting, writing, molding, dancing, performing on the stage, taking photos and so on. You express your feelings and emotions through action and create images in order to realize and transform them afterwards. Even some obscure creations, like simple scribble or daub help to express your thoughts and sufferings. The result of your work is a “container” for difficult emotions which helps to understand the affects of anger, helplessness or fear. The images created by you are the keys to realization of your problem. They carry information about your inner world and produce a healing effect as well.

Art therapy ids the best choice for those who experience difficulty in expressing their feelings verbally. Difficult issues can be first revealed through the works of art and only then spoken out loud. The use of creative methods sends a person to his or her childish experience where the reasons of all problems and conflicts can be found.

Creative work helps you to address your subconscious mind and find all the answers there as, in fact, we have everything we need for healing in ourselves. If you feel difficulty in understanding the images of your subconscious self you can apply to art-therapist who will help you to interpret your works and develop the effective strategy of your behavior.


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