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October 31, 2012 / sweetestidleness

Health benefits of dark chocolate.

Probably you would really surprise to find out that such product as dark chocolate is very healthy and useful. And this type of chocolate is supposed to be the healthiest one among others. Plain chocolate contains cocoa while cocoa contains flavonoids which work as antioxidants. Moreover plain chocolate lacks unhealthy ingredients (some fats and processed sugars).

For some period of time dark chocolate was even distributed through drug stores. That's not surprising at all. In fact dark chocolate contains useful vitamins such as vitamin B. Moreover plain chocolate contains minerals and ingredients which our body system needs. Among them are copper, magnesium and iron. Eating a little of dark chocolate every day you would reduce chances of heart diseases. Dark chocolate lowers blood pressure as well. Those who eat dark chocolate daily improve their memory and thinking skills. People become more attentive. Of course you should not eat several bars a day. Hardly it would be a good idea. Eat just a small amount of dark chocolate in the mornings.

According to the latest researches scientists came to a conclusion that dark chocolate even is able to prevent such serious disease as arteriosclerosis. Plain chocolate also may prevent stroke.

It is well known that chocolate contains chemicals that are able to enhance one's mood. In fact those chemicals are the same as chemicals (phenylethylamine) secreted by our brain when we are attracted to someone. That's why chocolate also called as a “love drug”. That's why people who are depressed usually crave for chocolate.

People who are inclined to diabetes also should pay attention to chocolate. It is believed that plain chocolate is able to protect people against type 2 diabetes. It is really surprising but dark chocolate may even reduce chances to get cancer. Why so? As a matter of fact dark chocolate contains different types of antioxidants that are able to free our body systems of free radicals. Quite often free radicals cause different types of cancer. German scientists proved that dark chocolate is able even protect our skin against negative effects of UV light.

Some people tend to think that dark chocolate is an aphrodisiac. Well, dark chocolate contains tryptophan and phenylethylamine which are really able to improve our mood. But unfortunately those chemicals are not enough to affect our desires. Anyway people still believe that our sexual desires could depend on the amount of dark chocolate we eat.


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