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October 17, 2012 / sweetestidleness

Best Video Game Conventions – Attendance Is Obligatory

Gaming means a way more than sitting in front of your computer and becoming some uncommunicative red-eyed creature. On the contrary, it provides you with an opportunity to meet new people and participate in different interesting events, such as video game conventions which unite gamers from all over the world.

Video games conventions present special events where you can learn more about new games, play them for hours together with fellow gamers and receive plenty of free stuff as well. Some conventions look like really great shows which are definitely worth visiting.

California Extreme Convention is one of the most famous events of this kind worldwide. There you can find and try all the novelties in the world of arcade games. One of the main advantages of this convention is that you can play all the games provided free of charge. The availability of all games presents a good basis for setting new gaming records. The event takes place annually in the middle of July.

BlizzCon is another popular video game convention which takes place in California, USA and is held annually in October since 2005. This convention is devoted to three particular gaming franchises – Warcraft, Starcraft and Diablo. If you are a fan of one of these games you feel like you are in paradise on BlizzCom. You will be provided with information on the upcoming games and will be able to test them before their official release. This event includes also costume contest and concerts of different celebrities. Besides, you cam participate in the interviews with the creators of your favorite games and ask them your questions. Finally, there is one more pleasant addition – every participant of the convention will receive a special “swag bag” full of valuable gifts.

Tokyo Game Show is considered to be the first video game convention ever organized. This event is visited by thousands of gamers and game developers every year. Practically all major video game companies present their works during this convention and any gamer can test these novelties for the symbolic fee of about ten dollars. Every September Tokyo becomes a home for gamers and other computer geeks.

PAX, which stands for Penny Arcade Expo, is held in Seattle every September. On this festival you will get the idea that gaming is a well developed culture which unites people from all over the world. It has a free access for all gamers and provides you with a chance to participate in different gaming contests, such as Combat, Halo3, Excitebike, Starcraft and so on. Costume parties and concerts also present an enjoyable part of this convention.

Europe provides the gamers with video game conventions as well. Games Convention takes place every August in Leipzig, Germany. You will receive an access to the latest demos and will be occupied with plenty of interesting outdoors activities as well. It is the biggest gaming festival in Europe and visiting it will provide you with news on the latest events in the world of gaming industry.


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