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October 14, 2012 / sweetestidleness

Dietetic Fest

Diet is not the reason to refuse from eating tasty food and organizing parties with different dainties. You should just choose low-cal products for your dishes – it will help you to receive gastronomic satisfaction without any damage for your waist. Strange as it may sound, but you still can enjoy tasty food even when being on diet. Begin your dietetic experience with these simple low-cal recipes.

To prepare salad with shrimps, carrot and fresh cucumbers you will need shrimps, of course (about 300gr.), two cucumbers, one carrot, 70 gr. of salad, two spoons of apple and lemon juice, one spoon of soy sauce, three spoons of olive oil.

Boil water in a pot, salt it and put cleaned shrimps there for five minutes. Then let them cool. Wash cucumbers, dry them and cut in slim slices. Wash sand clean carrot, cut it in slim slices as well or grind it. Wash the leaves of salad and tear them into small pieces. Mix them with vegetables and shrimps. Take a plate and mix apple and lemon juices with soy sauce and olive oil and stir it well. Pour this sauce on the salad and put it into a freezer for an hour. The whole process will take you about 25 minutes and the dish will provide you with 260 calories.

Diet does not mean refusal of everything but vegetables and water. You can eat meat and poultry as well if you choose the right ones. Chicken with vegetables is a good choice for those who like to eat and be slim at the same time. You will need 600 gr. of chicken fillet, four cloves of garlic, one onion, two marrows, two spoons of oil, four tomatoes, one pod of sweet green pepper, curry and salt.

Take chicken fillet, salt and pepper it and powder with curry. Grind garlic and rub the fillet with it. Leave the meat for fifteen minutes. Wrap the fillet in the foil and put in the already heated oven for 30-40 minutes. Chop onion, cut marrows in cubes. Fry them slightly on the pan. Then cut tomatoes and green pepper. Salt and pepper all vegetables and stew them for seven minutes. Take out the fillet and lay it out on the plate with vegetable stew. The caloric content of this dish is 360 calories.

Another dietetic dainty is soup-puree of carrot which will impress you by its tender taste and delicious smell. You will need 600 gr. of carrot, 70 gr. of butter, 150 gr. of rice, 800 gr. of milk, three yolks, salt and sugar.

Wash and clean carrot and cut it in small pieces. Fry it slightly on the pan with butter. Then put it in a pot with water and boil it. Add rice and milk and boil it again for twenty minutes. Then chop the mass in blender. The rest of milk heat a little, combine it with yolks, add rice-milk puree and stir it slightly. Add salt, sugar and butter and boil all it again. The soup is ready – you can decorate it with greens and serve with toasts. Beside its amazing taste it has attractive caloric content as well – only 240 calories.


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