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October 6, 2012 / sweetestidleness

The Greatest Villains of Video Games

The reasons why we play video games can be different. Some of us like technical aspects such as graphics and special effects, some are fans of entangled plots and mysteries they have to solve, the others just want to escape from the world of everyday routine or kill time and relax. I accept all these reasons, but for me one of the most important features of a good video game is the presence of a charismatic villain in it, because what can be more pleasant than fighting with a worth opponent and defeating him at last! Here is the list of the greatest evil characters in the world of gaming, in my opinion.

  • GlaDOS from Portal. GlaDOS presents an artificial mind which is your only companion in the game. It guides you through intellectual ordeals though it has its own malicious background for this support. The real evil intentions of GlaDOS are revealed gradually. The complexity and the dynamics of this villain makes in number one in my personal top.
  • If you search for someone really terrible who will make the blood freeze in your veins from horror, your choice is Pyramid Head from Silent Hill series. He is the master of sadism which will enter your nightmares since you first see him in the game. Pyramid Head invents especially perverse tortures and performs them with indescribable cruelty. The fact that you can not see his face expression makes this character even more scaring.

3.Sarah Kerrigan also known as Zerg Queen from StarCraft. Originally, Kerrigan was a good character but then she was captured by evil Zergs and returned in the form of half-bug and half-human. This personage is really tragic, though, no doubt, evil. Due to her appealing (despite her insect features) appearance and hints of emotions she feels towards her former companions Kerrigan became the most attractive evil personage of video games.

4.The Flood in Halo: Combat Evolved is a character which is hard to describe. It looks like a jellyfish monster made of the parts of your dead allies. These creatures appeared completely unexpectedly and immerse you into the world of delirium at once.

5.Alma from F.E.A.R. series resembles a girl from “Ring” movie but she is several times more scaring. She has three incarnations – ominous girl in red dress, naked exhausted woman or healthy naked woman. All these images will make you want to turn your PC off and never play video games again. However, if you accept this nightmarish challenge you will have one of the greatest gaming experiences of your virtual life.

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  1. Another Gamer / Oct 6 2012 5:16 pm

    I like the list! It seems to me that you’re one who plays horror games and (perhaps) FPS games a lot. But, my dear blogger, you’re forgetting a whole GENERATION of bad guys that came before them! What about Dr. Wiley? Mother Brain?

    And if you’ve never played Final Fantasy 6, Kefka is perhaps the scariest, most evil villain of all video games. True story, and I’ve played a LOT of video games.

    (But you’re absolutely right about the Flood, too. I will never forget the first time I ran into them… HUD went pure red. Freaked me out so bad.)

    Good blog! Hope there’s more where this came from 🙂

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