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October 3, 2012 / sweetestidleness

How to Make Your Cat Stop Scratching

From the cat’s opinion of views scratching its owners and the furniture is quite natural and there is nothing to be shy about. From the cat owner’s point of view scratching is a bad habit and it would be sensible to get rid of it. It is an interesting fact that a cat doesn’t extend its claws without any reason but that is not necessarily connected with its aggressive personality.

To answer the question how to wean your cat off from scratching it is necessary to find the reason that makes your cat extend its claws from time to time. When a cat is scared it uses its claws as the mean of defend. When there appears the need to peel the upper layer of the claws off your pet gets so absorbed by scratching its mat that can easily switch to your jeans. It’s not a big deal for a cat that there is your leg under the jeans cloth actually.

The cat may pick up scratching all the items in your house including yourself in order to leave its own smell upon every surface. There are adens that produce the smelly substance between its paw pulps. The smell is a sign to other animals that this territory is occupied. In that way scratching the furniture all over your house make your cat feel itself confident. Sometimes your cat may come up to you and start pushing your knees with its paws. At first it does it softly but a just few seconds later it may extend its claws suddenly and hurt you. That actions mean that your cat aims to “mark” you with its unique smell in order to frighten the possible enemies off.

Watch the small kittens playing to get the idea how to make you cat stop scratching. While the kittens play they also extend their claws from time to time. When that happens the one who gets hurt produces a loud sound. As soon as the “guilty” hears this sound it stops scratching his mate. Each time your cat scratches you call out and go away. Act like this each time you are hurt by your pet.

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