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September 30, 2012 / sweetestidleness

Complicated Relationships Between Gaming Industry And Women

It seems like gaming industry keeps ignoring women, both in games and outside the cyberspace. We remember the buzz over the new trailers for ‘Hitman’ and ‘Tomb Rider’: first one showed us the nuns dressed in latex suits; the second one shocks the viewer with the scene of Lara Croft’s being a survivor of a rape. Okay, the buzz over the first one is quite understandable and isn’t all about respect for women. But c’mon, what’s wrong with ‘Tomb Rider’? I mean, Lara definitely has complicated relationships with men, and such a turn in the plot perfectly explains this fact. Besides, many movie directors used this trick, so I just don’t understand why the community became so condemnatory about Lara’s destiny.

Also, I’d like to add a couple of thoughts about the objectification of women in gaming industry. This tendency is plain to see not only in the games but literally everywhere. That’s quite explainable: men are supposed to pay attention to beautiful and healthy for propagation of their species’ sake. Unfortunately, we can’t help it.

As for the place of a woman in gaming industry, there is a lot of unfairness. Thus, a female friend of mine complains that she wasn’t allowed to play shooters in the store but persistently offered to play games on Facebook. Besides, a female journalist from German Gamestar Magazine claimed the same problem. Every time she was supposed to write a review on shooter, the staff was shocked and tried to substitute her with a male reviewer. That’s exactly what worries me: lots of women love playing games, and many of them prefer shooters and other ‘manly’ genres, but salesmen in the stores keep ignoring them and don’t take them serious. I think that’s a huge mistake and ignoring their interests, the industry loses a lot of opportunities.

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